Peter Bukiri


Mr. Bukiri is a highly experienced member of the law enforcement community, working for over four decades in enforcement involving both multi-state and multi-agency. As a member of the Chicago Police Department, he has the proven ability to direct and achieve incident objectives on both local and federal levels. A highly qualified instructor/facilitator of current and emerging climates relating to unlawful and criminal behaviors, he is experienced in establishing tactics and directing resources in response to all incident levels. Mr. Bukiri was an instructor for Street Crimes from 2000-2010. He then became an instructor for ATF in D.C. and assessed and re-created curriculum for First Responder/PTSD and TBI incidents. He Developed new cirriculum for Conflict Communications. As part of the ATF, Mr. Bukiri held a position on the Command and Control Major Incident Team.

Mr. Bukiri has also received several awards during his tenures with the Chicago Police Department, US Department of Treasury and the US Department of Justice as well as received two Presidential Citations.