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Frank Goff

Frank Goff

Detective Frank Goff spent 32 yrs. with the Chicago Police Dept. Retiring as a Detective in the Violent Crimes Unit. Detective Goff was a member of the 933rd Military Police for six years and while in that unit volunteered for and completed the grueling 12 week 5th Special Forces Terrorist and Counter Terrorism Installation Defense Course.

After retiring from the C.P.D. Det. Goff later went on to work for a small suburban Police Dept. He also worked as a P.I. And in Corporate Security for a major company.

Detective Goff and his partner Walter Smith are recognized experts in the field of concealed compartments in motor vehicles and developed a training program and wrote the law making “traps” in vehicles a crime. They taught officers all over the Country about the dangers of and how to recognize and safely open them. They did this on their own time and expense in many cases. They were often called upon by the FBI, DEA, And outside Police agencies for their expertise.

Detective Goff worked 1000’s of investigations, many of which were of a confidential nature. He maintained a conviction rate of 99% and was recognized by the Cook County States Attorney’s Office after testifying in 309 consecutive felony jury trials that all ended in conviction. He went on to gain over 2300 criminal convictions during his career. Detective Goff is dedicated to helping officers do their jobs in the safest and most effective manner possible and for that reason has joined Pat McCarthy’s Street Crimes Training Program.

Detective Goff has received numerous Awards and Letters of Appreciation for his work and has extensive experience dealing with active shooters both inside and outside of a structure.

Frank Goff is also author of “The Guardian” and “Chicago Crime Story”.