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These are a few of the most recent testimonials
of the Street Crimes training.

“Wide range of topics covered. Good videos and book to aide with topics covered; explained in-depth.” — West Hartford, CT, August 19-21, 2019

“Instructor’s knowledge and experience made for an enjoyable learning environment. Great videos & content.” — West Hartford, CT, August 19-21, 2019

“Hit important topics that aren’t always covered. Credible instructor (Peter Bukiri) Willing to talk about issues; very straight forward.” — West Hartford, CT, August 19-21, 2019

Good new information and good officer safety refreshers.” — Birmingham, AL, August 19-21, 2019

“Very detailed information on drugs, weapons, interviews and interrogations.” — Birmingham, AL, August 19-21, 2019

This was a great class, the instructor did an awesome job. Love all of his knowledge & Stories. Great overview of officer safety as well as interviews and interrogations.” — Birmingham, AL, August 19-21, 2019

“Lots of good tips and ideas. The instructor, Brian Killacky, was very informative and knowledgeable.” — Birmingham, AL, August 19-21, 2019

“(I liked) the instructor’s expertise and great info and new ideas to try.” — Great Falls, MT , August 12-14, 2019

“(I liked) the life experience and how it was made applicable on the street & also the interrogation tactics.” — Great Falls, MT, August 12-14, 2019

“(I liked) The knowledge obtained on conducting investigations and interrogations. I truly believe everything in this class is equally beneficial. Real-life experiences of the instructor and I liked the creativity in tactics.” — Rio Rancho, NM, July 29-31, 2019

“Excellent – I wish I could attend again and all of my supervisors- all the way to the sheriff.” — Rio Rancho, NM, July 29-31, 2019

“The instructor kept it real and had an impressive background which gave him major credibility. Content was amazing and entertaining.” — Rio Rancho, NM, July 29-31, 2019

“The information is extremely relevant and realistic. Hearing Brian’s legit street experiences were just as useful as the written material.” — Tulsa, OK, July 15-17, 2019

“I liked the close knowledge Victor has about the tactics/styles he teaches. It makes the class interesting.” — North Las Vegas, NV, July 15-17, 2019

“Great real life experience – displayed on real life experience and video. Great visual aids and stories to learn from.” — North Las Vegas, NV, July 15-17, 2019

“This class was well taught, real life scenarios that the instructor went over and how he made them learning points. How to develop CI’s was important. I also liked the videos.” — North Las Vegas, NV, July 15-17, 2019

“The information that was covered was amazing. The instructor was F’ing amazine. He is a cop’s cop – everyone should take this class. Never a dull moment.” — Graham, NC, July 15-17, 2019

The material is great. the instructor is one of the best I’ve had, really makes a difference when the instructor has had all these experiences and can teach other officers.” — Graham, NC, July 15-17, 2019

“(I liked) Honestly everything. Time was well used. A lot of great information. Excellent instructor. One of the best trainings in my 10+ year career.” — Graham, NC, July 15-17, 2019

Great Course – the instructor, the videos, tons of fun and great information! Thank you!” — Graham, NC, July 15-17, 2019

Victor has lots of life and career experience to share. It’s easy to give reasons why tactics work, but it’s so much better getting the real-life examples.” — Columbia, MO, July 8-10, 2019

” (I liked) the additional resources provided to patrol to aid in becoming a better narcotics officer. I also really liked the focus on interviews and interrogations and how to speak to criminals to get the answers you need not just for UC officers, but patrol as well.” — Columbia, MO,  July 8-10, 2019

“I liked the stories and how they really drive the point home also relating tactics to smaller agencies.” — Columbia, MO, July 8-10, 2019

(I liked) the instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter, variety of different methods to accomplish mission and realistic examples of how to use this training in the field.
— Columbia, MO, July 8-10, 2019

“Instructor Pete Bukiri was very knowledgeable on the topics – maybe too smart. (I liked) his personal stories and he is extremely personable.” — Kissimmee, FL, June 24-26, 2019

” (I liked) when the instructor applied specific examples on how to apply techniques taught in class. Victor’s experiences are invaluable to officers. He was awesome. Examples were great and he put his honest twist to show what works.” — Norwalk, CT, June 24-26, 2019

(I liked) Real life examples. Training courses, like Street Crimes, in which the instructor has “been there, done that” are more beneficial and more apt to learn and retain information.” — Norwalk, CT, June 24-26, 2019

I learned better interview tactics. There are a lot of tactics that I can start implementing quickly and effectively. The book was nicely put together. I liked that this course was entertaining and engaging.” — Lexington, SC, June 17-19, 2019

“Very well presented. Good material and presentation. Good audio/visual material. The instructor had excellent knowledge of the course material.” — Andover, MN, May 20-22, 2019

“(I liked) learning how to obtain CI’s or street sources. Also, learning more on interrogations and how best to interview.” — Andover, MN, May 20-22, 2019

“(I liked) roadside interviews, interrogation techniques, stories and scenarios, the book and handout material and the qualified experience of the instructor. The content relates best to my daily work.” — Cleveland, OH, May 20-22, 2019

“(I liked) interrogation portion, videos used to supplement information, good conversation on how to talk with subjects. It is an outstanding class.” — St. Louis, MO, May 13-15, 2019

“(I liked) The knowledge provided by this course on how to deal with people on the street. Also enjoyed the traps section.” — St. Louis, MO, May 13-15, 2019

“Very informational. Excellent instructing. I was able to pay attention due to the way the class was taught and constantly grabbed my attention. The stories shared really drove home the material and practical applications.” — Spanish Fork, UT, May 13-15, 2019

“(I liked) real life stories that can be applied to any size city. I will be able to use the interview and interrogation techniques.” — Spanish Fork, UT, May 13-15, 2019

There was a good mix of video and talking. It was great to hear real life stories to really help students to understand the material better.” — Spokane, WA , May 6-8, 2019

“(I liked) the instructor and the videos.  Great program. Glad I came and I will recommend it.” — Spokane, WA , May 6-8, 2019

“Learning about undercover tactics and the do’s and don’ts in different situations. (I liked) Having an experienced instructor who could apply real life scenarios to the training.” — Modesto, CA, May 6-8, 2019

“Good student involvement. Good use of video/stories to illustrate points. Good explanation of interview and interrogation techniques. Good pace of class. Excellent instructor – connects well with students.” — Modesto, CA, May 6-8, 2019

“Real life tips to conduct under cover investigations and how to improvise in an undercover manner.” — Modesto, CA, May 6-8, 2019

“(I liked) showing how to take concepts and apply them in a practical setting. Detailed instructions form the instructor and valuable information to use in the field.” — Galveston, TX, April 29-May 1, 2019

(I liked) The personal experiences and different ways about getting a confidential informant . Thinking outside of the box during interviews or gathering information.” — Dayton, OH, April 29-May 1, 2019

“Day 1’s videos were a great reminder to not become complacent. Videos of shootings and physical alterations that show officers losing a fight or struggling for an extended period are great training.” — Dayton, OH, April 29-May 1, 2019

“The instructor (Sebeck) was relatable and authentic. Related the material to real world experience.  — Dayton, OH, April 29-May 1, 2019

“Good refresher lot of things and some new ideas I have never heard of. I liked the instructor very much. It’s nice to have a cop’s cop teach this course that walked the walk. Great job Peter.” — West Fargo, ND, April 23-25, 2019

(I liked) Real world knowledge of the information presented. Excellent instructor, fun and experienced.” — West Fargo, ND, April 23-25, 2019

“Many good tactics that can be put to use right away. Enjoyed the instructor and life stories. Great videos and loved the training manual given.” — Tempe, AZ, April 23-25, 2019

“The videos were great and interesting. Victor was an energetic and passionate instructor who shared his experiences and knowledge with us. Super awesome!” — Tempe, AZ, April 23-25, 2019

“Sold me on the concept of confidential informants and that they may be used by patrol officers. Introduced advanced interrogation/detective interview concepts not commonly taught at patrol level academy.” — Anchorage, AK, April 23-25, 2019

” (I liked) Videos of real situations, real stories to help us relate and retain information. The instructor (Sebeck) was great and very informative.” –Anchorage, AK, April 23-25, 2019

“Learned about undercover work to help me grow my career. Excellent visual learning aids.” — Arlington, TX, April 15-17, 2019

Being new to police work, this training was very helpful in learning different ways to approach situations.” — Arlington, TX, April 15-17, 2019

“Peter Bukiri was the highlight of the course with positive attitude and teaching methods. Interview and Interrogations topic was useful and could easily be used in my everyday patrol work.” — Arlington, TX, April 15-17, 2019

“(I liked) hearing how well the techniques have worked in real life applications. Instructor Peter Bukiri and his knowledge and experience. Top notch quality – keeping it real.” — Billings, MT, April 8-10, 2019

“My favorite part was Victor teaching it. The training is better and more relatable when an instructor has lived the life and can back it up with stories.” — Roseburg, OR, April 8-10, 2019

“(I liked) the simple tactics that can be used back home. We can use a lot of the tactics to gain useful information. Course was presented very well. A lot of the information I learned was new.” — Roseburg, OR, April 8-10, 2019

 “(I liked) the instructor’s past experience. Peter Bukiri is one awesome instructor and tells it like it is.” — Norman, OK, April 1-3, 2019

Taught real life techniques involving a wide variety of criminal situations. The instructor was a seasoned professional with a very impressive history in law enforcement.” — Pocatello, ID, March 25-27, 2019

“Provided me with techniques and skills I would not have thought of. Reminds me of all the options/jobs in law enforcement besides patrol.”  — Pocatello, ID, March 25-27, 2019

“There was a great mix of information touching on basic areas of patrol and out of the box ideas. Instructor spoke of many areas to focus on and train for.” — Rindge, NH, March 18-20, 2019

(I liked) the amount of experience the instructor had and him being able to relate to each topic he talked about. Has a lot of good information and tips to use on patrol or during investigations. The videos were extremely helpful.” — Rindge, NH, March 18-20, 2019

“Interview techniques through proven methods. The real life experience bring a lot to the class. Surveillance was outstanding and will be used in future investigations”. — Hutto, TX,  March 18-20, 2019

“All information provided can be used everyday at work.” — Hutto, TX,  March 18-20, 2019

“(I am ) Unable to narrow it down to one thing I liked best. The entire class was awesome.” — Hyattsville, MD  March 11-13, 2019

“(I liked) the vast amount of knowledge and experience the instructor has is invaluable and an asset to this type of training.”  — Hyattsville, MD  March 11-13, 2019

“I liked how it was taught by an actual police officer. It wasn’t by someone who just researches this stuff. Real life stories.” — Hyattsville, MD  March 11-13, 2019

“I have taken this class twice in twenty years and it gets better every time I take it. Best class that I have ever taken. Great information, knowledgeable instructor, amazing stories and expertise.” – Canton, MI – March 11-13, 2019

“Providing examples of what questions to ask suspects. How to trick them. The instructors experiences, energy and humor made it easy to pay attention.” — Canton,MI – March 11-13, 2019

“The real life material used in this course. Vic was very entertaining and very enthusiastic about the subject matter. Stories showing tactics being used and that are also included in the training book. Good course.” — Canton,MI – March 11-13, 2019

I loved the integration of numerous videos as a visual for the topics discussed.” Green Bay, WI – February 18-20, 2019

“The delivery system was such that it catches and maintains the interest of police officers. The best training I’ve been to in 21 years of L.E. Excellent training.” — Green Bay, WI, February 18-20, 2019

“Great info and kept light enough to keep our attention. Great eye opener and good review. Loved the videos and real world examples. Instructor Sebeck was awesome.” — Green Bay, WI – February 18-20, 2019

“Honest feedback about what works and doesn’t work from experienced cops. Videos of actual interviewing techniques tactics and methods shown and talked about by experienced cops.” — Hillsboro, OR,  February 11-13, 2019

“Liked the videos by Pat McCarthy. I was recently assigned to a street Crimes unit. It was a good intro into a lot of areas covered by my new unit.” —  Hillsboro, OR,  February 11-13, 2019

“Great perspectives from a very experienced group of cops. Teaching us as Cops.  Pete had a lot of valuable things to offer the class. It was clear he lived it and knew what he was talking about.” — Hillsboro,OR, February 11-13, 2019

“Real World experience, Pete had a lot of valuable things to offer the class. It was clear he lived it and knew what he was talking about.” — Hillsboro, OR,  February 11-13, 2019

“The information was great but Pete was the best part. Pete is a cops cop and did not instruct to politically please I have to say the best training instructor we had.” — Hillsboro, OR,  February 11-13, 2019

“Instructor Sebeck was engaging and entertaining. Information was relevant and current. The way all the information was presented. I believe they have this course very well structured.” — Joplin, MO -February 4-6,2019

“The entire class was Great. All departments should attend.
Instructor John Sebeck was very knowledgeable and experienced. Easygoing class- not politically correct which is good.” — Joplin, MO, February 4-6, 2019

“All the knowledge, experience and new techniques Victor had and provided.I liked the undercover and informant stuff the best because it is something I really look forward to getting into. Great Job (Great sense of humor).” — Roswell, NM, February 4-6, 2019

“Interview tactics, Interrogation tactics that expose the guilty, car traps, search procedures.” –Roswell, NM – February 4-6, 2019

“The tactics taught will help me work a C/I and showed me new tactics on how to gather vital information from subjects on the street.”  –Roswell, NM – February 4-6, 2019

“Pat was extremely easy to relate to. Having the experience that Pat has, really helps younger officers with their day to day activities. One of the best trainings I have been to.”— Olathe, KS – January 28-30, 2019

“I like how the instructor was honest and real. He showed a lot of things on the road I can use. It was awesome! The mix of content, personal stories, and videos. I learned a lot and it was very practical. Great class.” — Olathe, KS – January 28-30, 2019

“Awesome info! All parts of the program were excellent. The program was run very well.

Pat kept the material entertaining and flowed well. Great class.” — Olathe, KS – January 28-30, 2019

“The instructor talking about his experience, videos and humor throughout the training. This class made me excited to get back to work the streets.” — Olathe, KS – January 28-30, 2019

“Real life examples, excellent videos. Brought humor to training and gave us the real deal.” — Olathe, KS – January 28-30, 2019

“I liked Victor’s real life Stories/Experiences. It made class very interesting and kept me interested all 3-days of class. I learned a lot of tactics I can apply on the street”. —  Allison Park, PA, January 14-16 – 2019

“The vast amount of information Victor gave me. The many angles of how to work people, tips for my safety and ways for me to be better at my job.” — Allison Park, PA, January 14-16, 2019

“Real life stories and scenarios to learn from. Enjoyed all videos. Instructor Guerrero was great, very entertaining and informative. Highly recommended.” — Mesa, AZ – December 18-20, 2018

“The real life experience and stories to tie in with the course material. The instructor had a very knowledgeable background/experience to relate to the material.” — Mesa, AZ – December 18-20, 2018

“(I liked) The life stories and actual videos that apply to my current job assignment. I gained tons of info in 3-days.” — Amarillo,TX – December 10- 12, 2018

“The real stories and knowledge shared by the instructor Peter Bukiri. He’s very animated which makes the students pay attention.” — Amarillo, TX – December 10-12, 2018

“Loved the new tactics shown regarding interviews and interrogations – real world examples that have actually been tested and proven.” — Amarillo, TX , December 10-12, 2018

“The different tactics taught can easily be used on my next shift. Great information especially with interviews/interrogations.” — New Castle, DE, December 10-12, 2018

” Better videos than other trainings, different content that I have not seen.Very interactive and good information that can be utilized at all levels of police work”. — New Castle,DE – December 10-12, 2018

“The course was engaging and kept me interested throughout. Very informative and great teaching points. Pat made the training enjoyable and captivating. I really enjoyed this training.” — New Castle, DE – December 10-12, 2018

“Pertinent to the job, videos and real life experience from instructor McCarthy.”– New Castle, DE – December 10-12, 2018

“It was very informative and provided me with more tools/concepts for dealing/handling confidential informants as well as different interview/interrogation methods.” — New Castle, DE , December 10-12, 2018

“(I liked) how there were various topics discussed over the 3 days and how officer safety was always discussed with each topic.” — Doylestown, PA, November 27-29, 2018

“Very good videos, covered a lot of interesting topics and enjoyed the class. It really gets you thinking about officer safety and getting complacent.” — Doylestown, PA, November 27-29, 2018

“The class provided actual tips on obtaining and interacting with CI’s.” “Instructor relies on life experiences to keep class engaged and make learning points relevant to local police.” — San Mateo, CA, November 12-14, 2018

“Excellent refresher for officers to always be ready. Good information and great attitude from instructor.” — Stowe, VT, November 5-7, 2018

“The seminar was an eye opener. I liked how informative the seminar turned out to be. Good, in-depth information. Relatable intel that can easily be used on the streets.” — Kansas City, MO, October 22-24, 2018

“All topics that were touched on were a good refresher.  I enjoyed every last bit. Very informative.” — Elkton, MD, October 15-17, 2018

“Lots of valuable information which was very well presented & organized. Credible & experienced instructor. Hope to attend again.” — Boise, ID, October 9-11, 2018

“Good class to help take info to the streets such as interrogation skills to finding traps or guns in dope cars and to look for indicators on specific individuals.” — Birmingham, AL, October 9-11, 2018

 “Coming from a gang unit from ND, John Sebeck is a man with untapped knowledge. He was able to bring information to this class that I’ve never received from others.” – Edina, MN, September 24-26, 2018

“Plenty of experience provided by the instructor. Broad spectrum of subjects that are useful from patrol to detectives.” — Riverside, CA, September 24-26, 2018

“Practical, useful techniques that I can use everyday on the street. Loved the humor throughout the course. Victor was raw & uncut. He was able to relate the material to all types of policing.” — Newport, OR, September 17-19, 2018

Pat McCarthy has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge and kept things fun and interesting. I appreciated the encouragement to keep working a case even when told to let up. I felt that the training gave me a lot of new ideas to help me have a more successful career.” — Portland, ME, September 10-12, 2018

Arguably the best class I’ve taken in the 23 years I’ve been a cop! Great use of anecdotes followed by videos.” — Portland, ME, September 10-12, 2018

“The program was spot on. Kept my attention. Wake up call. Real good refresher. Loved the tips on interview/interrogation.” — Portland, ME, September 10-12, 2018

When asked, what did you like best about the Street Crimes Seminar?:
The way the information was delivered. Instructor John Sebeck was outstanding – great personality. All of the information was very informative. I’m new to this and I learned a lot.” – Pearl, MS, September 10-12, 2018

“Victor was a great instructor. This was such an interesting class and I learned a lot. I’ve gained some very helpful knowledge and useful tools that I can apply at work. Thank you, Victor. I would recommend this course. Well done!” — Wayne, NJ, September 10-12, 2018

“Victor kept it real. I left the class each day and took numerous tips with me that I can use daily.” — Wayne, NJ, September 10-12, 2018

“Very intriguing class! I enjoyed all the different ideas of how to do things; very eye-opening. (I enjoyed) the vast experience of the instructor and the visual aids were great.” — Fort Worth, TX, September 5-7, 2018

“Very informative seminar. A lot of useful information. I believe all LEO’s should attend this class.” — Fort Worth, TX, September 5-7, 2018

When asked, what did you like best about the Street Crimes Seminar?:
“Everything! Very interesting content. Most classes don’t provide material that can be used. This did.” — Dawsonville, GA, August 27-29, 2018

“I have been to many of these types of classes and this one was by far the best overall. Thanks to the instructor, I feel like I am a better investigator.” — Dawsonville, GA, August 27-29, 2018

“Your compassion for the job and this course, Street Crimes – It’s visible through your body language and words. You have restored something I’ve lost in the last 24 years on the job. I was just tired of all the BS, ready for retirement. Now, I question what my next chapter might be…once a cop, always a cop!” — Weyers Cave, VA, August 27-29, 2018

“I enjoyed the information on confidential informants and the methods on interviews and interrogations. This course has truly been great and I believe this has been a major impact for my career by giving me direction.”  — Weyers Cave, VA, August 27-29, 2018

When asked, what did you like best about the Street Crimes Seminar?:
“Stories to keep us interested in the class. Book with tactical tips. Hidden Compartments.”  — Weyers Cave, VA, August 27-29, 2018

“Honest examples to apply to literature provided. The handout book is awesome.” — Weyers Cave, VA August 27-29, 2018

This course covers so many different areas of law enforcement. Well done. Leaving with so much info.” — Weyers Cave, VA, August 27-29, 2018

“The best thing about the seminar was the instructor. The way Mr. Sebeck explains the material and his personal experiences made this seminar very enjoyable. The info on interviews and interrogations was very useful.” — Denmark, TN, August 27-29, 2018

When asked, what did you like best about the Street Crimes Seminar?:
“The real world experiences being explained in a way that can be used by big & small departments alike.” — Missoula, MT August 20-22, 2018

Very up-to-date valued information and a great tune-up. Thank you!” — Missoula, MT, August 20-22, 2018

When asked, what did you like best about the Street Crimes Seminar?:
Videos helped corroborate the information in the book. The instructor was very personable and had an abundance of life experience to support the lesson material.” — Norwalk, CT, June 25-27, 2018