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Street Crimes

In-Depth Police Training

The seminars provided by Pat McCarthy’s Street Crimes teach invaluable street-level skills and tactics that you won’t find anywhere else. Our police training seminars are based on real world situations which are entertaining and essential for all levels of law enforcement.

We are vetted with very experienced instructors. Each individual instructor has at least 25 years of actual street experience. These nationally recognized experts are able to blend their many unique experiences in patrol, gang crimes, undercover work, S.W.A.T. Team and Federal Task Forces to create the fastest growing law enforcement training program in the country.

Our work is so advanced and dedicated that we guarantee you won’t find this type of real-world training and street level crime skills at any other police training seminars.

Law Enforcement Seminar Includes:

  1. Deadly Force/Police Involved Shootings (New Training Segment)
  2. Conducting effective street interviews and stops for patrol officers and investigators
  3. Surveillance tactics for patrol and plain clothes officers and agents
  4. Developing criminal intelligence/street information for all levels of law enforcement
  5. Ethical considerations for street cops and street agents/making the right choices
  6. Street tested techniques for conducting successful gang and drug related cases
  7. Car traps and hidden compartments being used by today’s gangs and drug dealers
  8. Conducting/planning search warrants and high risk raids (New Training Segment)
  9. Important officer safety issues for both on and off duty situations
  10. How to develop street sources and CIs for patrol, investigators and special agents
  11. Street gang members in the military/How these trends effect law enforcement/MS-13, the world’s worst gang/The spread of Methamphetamine across the U.S.
  12. Homeland Security issues for the street cop/street agent (New Training Segment)

Our course also features actual video of sting and surveillance operations, interviews with police informants and criminals in prison, and Pat McCarthy’s Street Cop Video Training Session. All training session attendees also receive an extensive training manual and certificate of course completion.

We also understand that some levels of law enforcement may require additional training. For this reason, we also offer customized police training seminars. If you are interested in booking a customized session, please contact Dan Sampila at 800.275.4915 .

If you don’t agree that Street Crimes is one of the most informative and entertaining police training programs you have ever attended, we will give you a complete refund.

Cancellation Policy Cancellations with a refund will be accepted a minimum of 31 days prior to the registered seminar. If within the 31 day window, you will only receive a credit for a future seminar. Agency can also substitute for the cancelled registrant. Cancellations received within 30 days of scheduled seminar will be accepted only in extreme circumstances.