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Peter Bukiri

Peter Bukiri

Peter Bukiri was a member of the Chicago Police Department from 1969-2001. During his time with the Chicago Police Department he was promoted to Detective in 1973. Detective Bukiri was then assigned to Homicide/Robbery and the Chicago Police Department Intelligence Unit working city-wide and sworn in as a US Marshal covering a five-state area. In Homicide, he also went undercover on numerous “Murder for Hire” cases. During his time as a Detective, he was in Gang Crimes South and West. Detective Bukiri transferred to Narcotics in 1979 and spent three years undercover infiltrating Colombian, Cuban and Filipino Drug Cartels. Detective Bukiri was shot twice and his partner was shot and killed during a robbery-in-progress call. He also had another partner shot and killed in a narcotics raid.

Detective Bukiri is an expert in Interview and Interrogation, Hostage Negotiations, Active Shooters, Surveillance and was part of a Nation Wide Peer Support Group for Law Enforcement working with Johns Hopkins Psychiatric Department focusing on Mental Health in Law Enforcement.

During the past 9 years, Retired Detective Peter Bukiri has worked for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF) as the Training Coordinator for their Special Response Team Crisis Negotiators and a Violent Crime Specialist. Peter Bukiri has given presentations to a variety of Law Enforcement Associations including the Australia and New Zealand Federal Police. Detective Bukiri also spent time working undercover with the DEA on long-term surveillance on multiple offender RICO Investigations.

Throughout his career, Detective Bukiri has handled or assisted on over 1000 homicides, convicting three people for the Death Penalty in Illinois.