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John Sebeck


John Sebeck is an instructor with the Street Crimes Program. He is a nationally recognized expert on Chicago Style and foreign national street gangs. He is proficient in intelligence gathering, leading to major operations that successfully led to the arrest and prosecution of numerous gang involved individuals.

Mr. Sebeck worked two years as a uniformed patrolman and was promoted to Gang Crime Specialist after spending one year as a tactical officer in an active north side police district. He spent the next 26 years within the Gang Crime Section of the Chicago Police Department. He was named Police Officer of the Month, twice. He also received 10 Department Commendations, over 250 honorable mentions and 3 Unit Meritorious Awards. He was also recognized by the FBI and Immigration and Customs for his work on inter-agency task forces.

Mr. Sebeck was qualified as an expert witness by the Cook County Stat’s Attorney’s office. He testified in numerous trials on the mechanics of gangs and their structure, including two high profile Death Penalty cases, which were brutal gang related murders. He has also lectured extensively across the United States on the Psychology of Street Gangs and arrest tactics. He has also helped to develop active gang units in smaller jurisdictions.

Mr. Sebeck has a master’s degree in Criminal Social Justice from Lewis University and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois. He has a clinical counseling license from the State of Illinois and has a private counseling practice where his client base is largely made up of police officers and their families.

Mr. Sebeck retired in May of 2010 after 34 years of service with the Chicago Police Department.